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  • Why is the battery still being billed after the battery has been returned?
    For a small number of orders, due to the influence of the location and communication connection of the machine, the return message is not returned after the return. If the order in the rental record is not completed, please take a picture of the return power bank immediately and send it to the ChargeSPOT official Line Provide relevant information and we will assist you in the follow-up! Please make sure that the battery is pressed tightly into the machine, and take photos of the return.
  • What should I do if the power bank does not pop up after scanning the QR Code?
    Please go to the official ChargeSPOT Line and provide us with the machine number of your location, we will help you confirm the situation and assist you in renting.
  • The maximum rental is only 7 days, what will happen to the overtime?
    ChargeSPOT shared power bank can be rented for a maximum of seven days (168 hours). If the rental is not returned for more than 168 hours, seven days' rent and a late return penalty will be charged, totaling NT$699. If the overdue penalty has been deducted, the user does not need to worry. The user only needs to return the power bank within 45 days from the date when the overdue return penalty is deducted. The staff instructs to provide order information, and within 7-14 working days after the application is submitted, a full refund of the overdue fine will be received. The refund amount of the order starting from the Shuangbei area is NT$384, and the rent from the counties and cities outside the Shuangbei area will be refunded. The refund amount of the order is NT$447. If the user wants to return the payment within 45 days after the deduction date, please contact the customer service staff (LINE ID: @chargespot), and provide the order information according to the instructions. You will receive five copies within 7-14 working days after the application is submitted. One-day free electricity voucher.
  • How is the fee calculated?
    The rent of each power bank leased: [Rent from Shuangbei area] NT$15 per hour, up to NT$45 per day (24 hours), and the daily charge will increase by NT$45 from the second day. [Rent from counties and cities outside the Shuangbei area] NT$12 per hour, with a maximum of NT$36 per day (24 hours), and the daily charge will increase by NT$36 from the second day. ◎For less than 1 hour, it will be charged as 1 hour ◎A power bank is a rental fee, and the rental fee will be charged separately ◎More than 7 days (168 hours) will be charged a late return penalty. The amount charged plus the 7-day rent is NT$699. Please be sure to return it within the time ◎To use Jiekou Pay, Taiwan Pay or EasyPay, you need to pay a pre-authorization fee of 699 yuan. Please open the rental page and click "My Wallet" after the return is successful to return the remaining amount, and you can pay in the app. You can find the refunded amount in the transaction record in the box (Taiwan Pay needs to wait for 10 working days).
  • Do I have to recharge before I can rent a power bank?
    No need, just scan the QR Code through Line to rent with linepay! You can also pay the deposit in the APP, and you can rent it directly. However, for each rental, the balance must be kept as a whole number. If the balance is negative, you need to recharge before renting.
  • If I borrowed it in Taiwan and repaid it abroad, how would I be charged?
    ChargeSPOT supports cross-border rental. Users can rent and use in the service country. The fee is charged according to the local price. The user can see the charging method in the area on the screen of scanning the QR code to confirm.
  • How to rent a power bank?
    Users can use linepay to rent by scanning the QR Code through Line! You can also download the ChargeSPOT shared power bank app and apply for an account, bind the payment method, scan the QR Code on the machine after finding the rental point, and you can rent the power bank.
  • Do I need to bring my own cable for renting a power bank?
    There are three power cables (Lightning / USB Type-C / Micro USB) on the back of the ChargeSPOT power bank, which can support most mobile devices on the market.
  • Do I need to scan the QR code again when returning it?
    To return the power bank, simply put the power bank into the battery slot of the charging station to complete the return process, and the notification of the end of the order will also be displayed on the mobile phone.
  • Do I have to return the power bank to the original machine after leasing it?
    ChargeSPOT mobile power bank provides the service of renting and returning from one place to another! And not only in China, as long as you want to travel abroad to Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, you can go to the local ChargeSPOT rental station for return
  • How long can a power bank be charged?
    It is mainly determined by the capacity of the mobile phone. The ChargeSPOT power bank is 3200mAh. For a normal mobile phone, it can be fully charged to 80% of the power in one hour when it is in a stationary state.Generally speaking, the iPhone XS, Note 10, and OPPO R11s can be charged about once.
  • Can I borrow more than one power bank at a time?
    A group of ChargeSPOT accounts can only rent one power bank at a time! If you need to rent two power banks, you can use Line and App to rent them separately~
  • Can I replace it if I run out of power?
    The power of the mobile power bank that pops up from our charging station will be guaranteed to be more than 75%, which is enough to fully charge a single mobile phone. If there is no power after use, please find the nearest ChargeSPOT to return it. The ChargeSPOT power bank is 3200mAh. For a normal mobile phone, it can be fully charged to 80% in one hour when it is in a stationary state.
  • Is the power bank waterproof?
    ChargeSPOT power bank is not waterproof!
  • 發票可以設定載具條碼或是統一編號嗎
    我們是開立電子發票,請在訂單結束前在App上設定即可。 設定步驟: 打開 ChargeSPOT App➜點選左上頭像➜點選頭像➜點選「用戶資訊」➜ 點選「發票設定」➜輸入你的雲端發票「手機條碼」 打開 ChargeSPOT App➜左上頭像➜點選頭像➜用戶資訊--發票設定➜點選統一編號➜輸入統編
  • What are the benefits of a store partnering with ChargeSPOT?
    ChargeSPOT mainly provides the advantages of cooperative stores as follows: 1. Assist the store to provide consumer charging services, improve the quality of the store's service, and reduce the cost of the store's purchase of charging equipment and charging cables. 2. Stores can enjoy the free charging machine screen to play preferential activities, and the ChargeSPOT APP will also expose store information, and it can be connected to google map to plan routes, and directly guide consumers to shop in the store. 3. ChargeSPOT currently has operational headquarters in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. For chain brands, overseas joint promotion can increase brand exposure, promote tourist consumption, and deepen the brand image of overseas consumers. 4. The ChargeSPOT brand combines the spirit of Life Style to bring the brand image of "convenience", "environmental protection" and "new trend" to the store, attracting young customers to shop at the store. To add a question, go to the app settings and click the "Manage Questions" button.
  • The store already has sockets for consumers to charge, why should they cooperate with ChargeSPOT?
    ChargeSPOT provides a mobile power supply rental service. Consumers can move to other places at the same time while charging, reducing the occurrence of charging without increasing consumption, thereby increasing the rate of table turnover in the store.
  • How much electricity does the charging station cost per month?
    Based on the operating electricity consumption of 4.25 yuan per hour, 60% of the mobile power supply is placed on the machine; it is calculated by turning on 12 hours a day (the charging time is only about 20%), and turning it on for 30 days a month; the power consumption of the main machine is 0.6 ~0.168kwh, the monthly electricity cost is less than 230 yuan; the power consumption of the medium machine is 0.11~0.25kwh, and the monthly electricity cost is less than 80 yuan; the small machine power consumption is 0.08kwh, and the monthly electricity cost is less than 20 yuan.
  • The store has already operated FB, IG and other self-media, and what other marketing benefits will there be in cooperating with ChargeSPOT?
    Each ChargeSPOT has a screen on its charging station. In addition to playing rental teaching, it can also be used by stores to make promotions or event promotion carousels, thereby attracting consumers to make secondary purchases. In addition, the APP of ChargeSPOT will also expose store information, which can not only do a picture carousel of the environment or meals, but also connect the Google map to plan the route, and directly guide consumers to the store for consumption.
  • Will the charging station screen play other advertisements?
    In addition to store information, the current screen is mainly based on the use of CHargeSPOT and the promotion of activities. In the future, an advertising cooperation plan will be designed, and then the store will be able to place advertisements on the screens of different machines in different industries.
  • Consumers do not understand the rental process, will it increase the burden on store staff when using it?
    Each ChargeSPOT charging station will place a head card with rental instructions. At the same time, the rental instruction will be played on the screen. Consumers can not only understand it at a glance, but also follow the procedures to use it, and it will not cause any in-store personnel extra burden.
  • How do consumers charge for renting, and does the store need to pay for it?
    ChargeSPOT's service is completely banknote-free. In addition to providing Visa/Master/JCB credit card swiping, it also connects LINE Pay, Apple Pay, Street Payment, and Far EasTone Telecom for mobile payment. There will be no paper currency transactions in between, reducing disputes arising from paper currency transactions.
  • What should I do if the power bank on the charging station has been borrowed?
    ChargeSPOT background system can monitor the quantity of power bank in each charger in real time. When the quantity of power bank in the charger is less than 20%, the system will automatically issue an alarm. There is a situation where the power bank can be borrowed.
  • The power bank on the charging station is fully plugged in. What should I do if a consumer wants to return it but cannot return it?
    Consumers can see the remaining number of machines that can be returned from the ChargeSPOT APP, so the probability of this happening is not high. If this happens, you can contact the customer service staff. We can instantly pop up vacancies for consumers to return them through background control. The store only needs to help collect the pop-up power bank
  • How should the store want to cooperate with ChargeSPOT?
    You can click Contact Us on the ChargeSPOT official website, or click Merchant Cooperation in the ChargeSPOT APP, and leave your contact information. We will arrange a specialist to contact you after receiving the message.
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